CDM / Health & Safety

CDM / Health & Safety

Summers-Inman has extensive experience in providing a wide range of health and safety services across all sectors of the property and construction industry.

The company has provided advice and assistance to clients on the implementation of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations since their inception in 1994. Historically, we have undertaken the roles of planning supervisor, CDM co-ordinator, client agent and principal contractor. We are now providing Principal Designer and Principal Contractor services in accordance with the 2015 revision to the regulations, plus a CDM consultancy service providing advice and assistance to Clients and Principal Designers.

Health and safety is becoming more and more important to businesses. Not only can legal compliance ensure damaging headlines are avoided, but research has also shown that businesses that manage their health and safety well are more profitable than those that do not. It is therefore important that you choose a professional, experienced health and safety consultant in whom you can have complete trust.

Summers-Inman provides reliable, high quality health and safety services not only for specific projects but also for training, consultancy and management system audits. The Practice is currently advising a number of Contractors on their overall approach, procedures and systems for ensuring Health & Safety compliance.

Our CDM / Health & Safety service incorporates the sub-services below.

  • Principal Designer
  • Principal Designers CDM Consultant
  • Clients CDM Consultant
  • Principal Contractor
  • Site Inspections
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Asbestos Management
  • Fire Risk Management
  • Health and Safety Audits

Principal Designer

The client must appoint a Principal Designer for all construction projects which will involve more than one contactor/sub-contractor.   The Principal Designer takes the lead in planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety during the pre-construction phase (design and planning stage) of a project[3].  The Principal Designer must have the relevant skills, knowledge, experience and organisational capability to carry out all the functions of the role. 

 The Principal Designer must be a “designer” as defined by the regulations.  This could be an architect, consulting engineer, building surveyor, or quantity surveyor, or anyone who specifies and alters designs for construction projects as part of their work, or instructs persons under their control to do so. 

The Principal Designer must have/be given control over health and safety in the pre-construction phase. However they do not have to carry out actual design work on the project.

 As qualified and experienced designers, project managers, and construction health and safety practitioners, Summers-Inman are well placed to take on this key role.

Principal Designer’s CDM Consultant 

If you are appointed as the Principal Designer by a client, then you will be required to carry out most of the duties previously dealt with by the CDM Co-ordinator. This includes

  • Planning, managing and monitoring the design phase and co-ordinating matters relating to Health and Safety during the pre-construction phase
  • Assisting the client in identifying, obtaining and collating the preconstruction information
  • Providing the preconstruction information to designers, the principal contractor and contractors
  • Ensuring that designers comply with their duties and co-operate with each other
  • Liaising with the principal contractor, and 
  • Preparing the Health and Safety file

If you are a design practice and don’t have the necessary in-house expertise to fulfil the CDM / Health and Safety aspects of the new Principal Designer role then Summers-Inman can help you by offering a consultancy service, to provide this expertise and undertake some or all of the Principal Designer functions on your behalf.

Client’s CDM Consultant

The CDM Regulations 2015 put a greater emphasis on the role the client has to play in ensuring health and safety during construction.  As an experienced CDM Consultant, Summers-Inman provide advice and assistance to ensure that clients comply with their duties under the regulations.  

We can ensure that clients’ management arrangements cover that all key areas; that tasks are allocated correctly; and that clear, workable provisions are put in place for monitoring their continuing effectiveness.  We can review the contractor’s Plan on behalf of the client to ensure that it is appropriate for the project and includes adequate arrangements for the management of the anticipated H&S risks.  We can also undertake periodic health and safety audits during the design phase and/or audits/site inspections during construction to assist in the client’s duty to monitor other duty-holders’ compliance.

Principal Contractor

Acting as principal contractor under CDM regulations, Summers-Inman maintains an up-to-date H&S plan on site and ensures all work is safe and in accordance with latest H&S requirements.

Site Inspections

Summers-Inman can undertake periodic site health and safety inspections and/or audits during construction on behalf of either the contractor or the client.    

Health and Safety Consultancy

An expert team of H&S professionals enables Summers-Inman to assist clients in improving their existing H&S management systems or devising entirely new systems. H&S training is also provided in areas such as safety awareness and management, the requirements of CDM regulations and risk assessment.

Asbestos Management

A full asbestos identification and management service can be provided to enable clients to comply with their H&S duties under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012.

Fire Risk Management

Summers-Inman can undertake detailed fire risk assessments of premises to enable clients to comply with their duties under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.  Where any short comings are identified, we can assist clients to plan, organise and implement both physical measures, such as additional fire protection, and management measures, such as revised emergency procedures.

Health and Safety Audits

By providing workplace audits on client premises, Summers-Inman can establish compliance with the latest H&S regulations on issues such as the control of Legionnella, Disability Discrimination Act compliance and fire safety.

A H&S management audit service also enables clients to demonstrate they are capable of carrying out their statutory duties under H&S regulations applicable to their business.

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