Development Monitoring

Any organisation with a financial or corporate interest in a development will be only too aware of the high risks involved. The benefits of having the support and advice of independent experienced professionals to watch over their client’s interests cannot be over-emphasised. Indeed, this has now become a prerequisite, whether the client is an investor, funding institution, owner, developer, prospective purchaser or tenant.

Summers-Inman has a wide range of experience in this area, to the extent that on large and complex developments, we have frequently been assigned the task of setting up and co-ordinating the work of other disciplines e.g. solicitors, engineers, general practice surveyors etc. As the name suggests, our Development Monitoring Service is set up to undertake, identify and monitor the client risk and advise on the project ability to achieve the clients objectives.

Due Diligence
Pre acquisition Reports
Construction Phase Monitoring
Reports for Banks & Funds

Working for

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Case Study

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