Company History

Summers & Partners was established in 1920 in Newcastle upon Tyne and expanded into Edinburgh and Leicester in the 1970s. By acquisition the business expanded into Leeds in the late 1990s. Inman & Partners was founded in London in 1926.

During 2002 Summers & Partners and Inman & Partners merged to create Summers-Inman, a practice with national cover that has brought new and exciting opportunities for our clients and staff.

Our traditional role has expanded and developed over the years into a broad range of complimentary services commensurate with the needs of modern-day construction and development. Our core services of quantity surveying, project management and building surveying are supported by specialist units that deliver development monitoring, the roles of independent certifier, independent tester and employer’s agent, and specialist IT and communications services to enable our entire portfolio of services to be supported by the latest in technology and communications.

We responded to the advent of the CDM regulations in 1994 and the subsequent amendments in 2007 with the setting up of a specialist CDMC team with high calibre recruitments brought in from the industry. We have been proactively involved in the development of the 2015 version of the regulations. We now pride ourselves on being regarded as the leading consultants in the region with health & safety work in all sectors and throughout the UK.

Over the last ten years attention has focused on the whole-life sustainability of projects, including business cases, long-term option appraisals, life cycle cost plans, environmental assessments and cost benefit analyses. This has led the Practice to become one of the leading construction and property consultants in the UK with a strong background in the education and health sectors in the fields of PFI, Procure 21 and NHS LIFT where whole life rather than simple initial capital costs are considered.

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